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Serena Brock

Serena Brock

CEO, Founder

Serena Brock

Dr. Joseph Cleaver

Medical Director

Serena Brock

Dr. Wesley Robinson

Medical Advisor

Serena Brock

Scott Johnson

VP of Practice Development

Angely Marte

Director of Practice EHR & Data Health Analyst

</p> <h2 id='fancy-title-14' class='mk-fancy-title simple-style txt_teamour color-single'>Angely Marte</h2> <h4 id='fancy-title-15' class='mk-fancy-title simple-style txt_teamour color-single'>Director of Practice EHR & Data Health Analyst</h4> <p>

Ernie Holmes

Director of Digital Logistics

Serena Brock

Gustavo Ferrer

Director SEO, SMM

Serena Brock

Adam Ripley

PharmD, RPh., Practice Consultant

Serena Brock


Social Media Influencer, @Guthealthandteens

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